• Octavio Rombola

    Octavio Rombolá

    Music composer and Sound designer


Video games
Films & TV series
Live performances


My name is Octavio Rombolá, I am a freelance composer, producer and sound designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I'm a music and film nerd, groovy multi-instrumentalist addicted to collecting guitars, basses and synths haha!.

I love making colorful soundtracks with all kinds of instrumentation and styles.

My passion for aesthetics present in popular and academic orchestral music led me to study 2 major degrees Music production and Filmscoring.

In addition to my passion for Films, I find it extremely exciting to work with Video Games because it is an infinite world of possibilities for an artist but also I always try to work with trailers and TV ads because this competitive industry forces me to be modern, sharp and creative.

Attention to detail is my keyword, in my tracks and sound design you will hear an obsessive layering work. In my opinion the structure of a musical piece is not only based on sections but also on the elements that make it up. My technique of replicating the Hook on each element beside the climax has generated me success with many clients.

From an early age I was lucky enough to feel the desire to understand why each element present in the universe has the possibility of expressing itself with sound. Faced with this enormous curiosity, my only option has always been to work hard day by day in my dream, to develop my own way of expression and be able to tell stories through sound.

Contributing to another dream will make me the happiest person in the world. I can’t wait to hear all about your project!

"An empty vessel makes the loudest sound,
so they that have the least wit are the
greatest babblers."